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Sunday, 28 October 2012 09:54

Computer Space 2012 - awarded projects


The official awarding ceremony of Computer Space 2012 international festival took place on 28.10.2012 (Sunday). The registrated projects in the competition part counted a total number of 165. 27 of them were awarded. The awards were bestowed to the winners by representatives of Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Culture, media partners BNT, BNR and .net magazine, directors of Czech Centre and Hungarian Cultural Institute, members of the jury and the Organizing committee. 


The winners in the computer arts categories are:


Computer animation:


First place: Denis Bouyer – “Meet Buck”

Second place: Cosima Degler – “Trapped”

Third place: Neuer Oestereichischer Trickfilm  – “366 Days


Computer graphics:

First place: Tom Isaksen - "Quarantine"

Second place: Blaz Erzetic – "The Flauntmachine"

Third place: Zlatina Zareva – “Born From Fire” 

Third place: Alexander Koshelkov - "Luftbanza Airlines"


Computer and electronic music:


First place: Felipe Otondo – “Irama

Second place: Andreas Monopolis – “OVERLOAD L.V.”

Second place: Mehmet Ali Uzunselvi – “On Uyul”


Web design: technology and market:


First place: RIZN Ltd. - "Take a Cake"

Second place: eDesign Ltd. - "FLIRT Vodka"         

Third place: Yohannes Artinyan - "Das TaschenWerk"


Web design: art and culture:


First place: I-Creativ Studio - "Pushkin & Plyushkin"

Third place: Miroslav Valchev Garigov - "Матура - всичко за матурите"

Third place: eDesign Ltd. - "Dance Studio - The Center"


Web design: entertainment and hobby:


Second place: eDesign Ltd. -"Радио Витоша"

Web design: society and institutions:


First place: RIZN Ltd. -  "Център за репродуктивно здраве - Надежда"

Second place: Bogdan Kovachev - University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski"

Third place: Nikolai Kirkov - European Polytechnical University


Web design: information and media:


Second place: Kalin Karaboichev - ""


Special prizes of the Organizing Committee:


Alek Wasilewski - "Lucky Day Forever"

Vasilena Kavanozova - "Fantasy"

Sabin Boykinov - "Battlegrounds of Eldhelm illustrations"

I-Creativ Studio - "Съюз на българските художници"

Special prize - contribution to Computer Space:

Maya Bocheva

Best debut special prize:


Simeon Bonchev - "Да помогнем за училище"

You can find more information in the "Projects" section of the website.

Congratulations to all!