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Tuesday, 02 November 2010 16:17

The official awarding ceremony in the frame of the 22nd edition of the international computer arts forum Computer Space took place on October, 28th The ceremony attended representatives of Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications as well as a lot of renowned experts working in the field of web technology, computer arts and computerand electronic music. (Thursday) in Central Military Club at 17h.

This year there were more than 100 projects registered in Computer Space competition. They competed in the following categories: computer animation, computer graphics, computer and electronic music, offline multimedia, web design: art and culture, web design: society and institutions, web design: entertainment and hobby, web design: technology and market, web design: information and media. A professional jury comprising experts in the various fields of the computer arts awarded the following projects:


Computer animation:


1.    The Kinematograph – Platige Image (Poland)

2.    Nuit Blanche – Arev Manoukian (Canada)

3.    The Incredible Tangerine – Remo Rauscher (Austria)


Computer graphics:


1.    Glasses – Petar Petrov (Bulgaria)

2.    Star room  – Maya Bocheva (Bulgaria)〈=en

3.    Transit point  – Anna Ikonomova (Bulgaria)〈=en


Offline multimedia:


1.    This and that – “Who lit the moon?” – Maya Bocheva (Bulgaria)

2.    Valhalla - Crysis modification – Viktor Ketipov (Bulgaria)〈=en

3.    Echo – Jana Zufic (Croatia)


Computer and electronic music:


1.    Champs de fouilles (Excavations) – Martin Bedard (Canada)〈=en

2.    Daily diversity – Yavor Lalev (Bulgaria)〈=en

3.    El Soter - Holiday in Mordor – Blaz Erzetic (Slovenia)


Web design: information and media


1.    Divino – винения портал – Gourmet Publishing (Bulgaria)

2.    Списание „Още за къщата” – NuStage (Bulgaria)

3. – Kaldata Ltd. (Bulgaria)


Web design: technology and market


1.    StockPodium – IMAGGA (Bulgaria)

2.    Beyond Yachting and vayage – Beyond Ltd. (Bulgaria)

3.    Esstetic - NuStage (Bulgaria)


Web design: entertainment and hobby


1. – eDesign (Bulgaria)

2.    Food Styling & Photography – Eva Toneva (Bulgaria)

3. - Kaldata Ltd. (Bulgaria)



Web design: society and institutions


1.    Ministry of foreign affairs - eDesign (Bulgaria)

2.    Bamozoid – Bamozoid (Bulgaria)

3.    Book Log – Ivan Yonov (Bulgaria)


Web design: art and culture


1.    Urban Fossils art project – Yohannes Artinyan (Bulgaria)

2.    Stephan – Stephan Academy (Bulgaria)

3.    Old School Production - eDesign (Bulgaria)


Each of the winners of first prize will receive the traditional statuette and symbol of Computer Space throughout the years. Each of the first three places in a category will receive prizes provided by the organizers and sponsors of the forum. Among the prizes were: art mouse and specialized literatures from Microsoft Bulgaria, 3 iPod nano provided by Apcom Bulgaria, virtual servers, hosting packages and Internet domains provided by SuperHosting.BG, subscriptions from .net magazine and online training courses from

Two projects were awarded statuettes as special prizes. The first one was given for a debut and was bestowed to two young people from the Bulgarian ICT community for their modification to the famous game “Crysis”. The second special award was bestowed to a Hollywood production with a multimillion budget - Quantum Quest. The award was received in person by Dr. Harry Kloor who attended the ceremony.

There were various seminars and workshops that took place in the frame of the festival. They were held in parallel in the Czech Centre and the Hungarian Cultural Institute. Part of the focus in the seminar programme was devoted to the following topics:


  • New tendencies in computer animation:


This block of presentations was devoted to the topic of computer animation and more specifically to the most recent tendencies in this field and the techniques used by contemporary computer animators in their work. The block comprised both theoretical aspects on the topic and some more practical visualizations and briefings on the actual development process of actual computer animation movies. This block was organized together with Goethe-Institut Bulgaria.


  • Discussion seminar “For and against digital photography”


Photographers and teachers Nikolay Treyman, Katerina Gadzheva, Silvia Ivanova, Rumyana Stefanova, Associate Prof. Peter Abadzhiev took part in this seminar.


The idea of the seminar was that the two opposing camps (“for” and “against” respectively) first outline for the audience their arguments on defending their position on the topic and discuss between each other why they think so and eventually reach into a discussion on the pros and cons of digital photography. The audience could and did also participate actively in this discussion by sharing ideas and other supportive arguments on the topic.


  • The Art of Robotics and Youth


This block was devoted not only to the field of robotics but mostly to the use of so called “robotics method” in the youth education. Youth nowadays are becoming more and more disinterested in the world of knowledge and reading, for example, but on the other hand they become more and more engulfed by the world of modern technology. Thus, Computer Space 2010 presented to its audience how modern technology, and namely robotics, can be applied in teaching and engaging young people in activities that can be help them find their place. This part of the programme was supported by “Youth in Action” Programme.


In the frame of Computer Space 2010 there also was an exhibition of computer graphics and some of the traditional techniques related to computer arts. The exhibition can be seen at the bridge next to National Palace of Culture in Sofia until November, 14th. The exhibition was very much visited and admired by the public and by professionals and still is. This was due not only to the beautiful works exhibited but also to the wonderful weather in Sofia. So, take your time to visit the exhibition.

Awarding ceremony
Awarding ceremony
Harry Kloor received his prize by SCAS
First place for Rizn ltd.
Robotic seminar
Discussion seminar "For and Against digital photography"

Participants from Italy and Romania preparing their robotic model
Exhibition of the computer graphics

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“Computer Space is an international computer arts forum that was organized for the 22nd time by Student Computer Art Society and Computer Arts Centre and with the support of the following: Sofia Municipality, SuperHosting.BG, Apcom Bulgaria, Microsoft Bulgaria, Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, National Student House, Ministry of Defense, Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, Czech Centre, Hungarian Cultural Institute. Media partners were “24 hours” newspaper and .net magazine. Participants in the forum were a number of renowned studios and companies known all over the world andwinners of a lot of famous awards for computer animation (e.g. Pixar and Oscar), also studios for multimedia and computer and electronic music whichhave long ago proved influential on the ICT and arts scene as well as a number of vanguard authors of computer graphics, animation movies, websites and various multimedia.