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Wednesday, 04 November 2009 04:17

This was the 21st consecutive year during which many prizes were given in the frame of the international computer arts forum “Computer Space” ( The prizes were software and hardware products and xBox from Microsoft-Bulgaria, iPod nano from BBS-Apple VAD for Bulgaria, .Net magazine subscriptions and many more. The XXI edition of the forum is organized by SCAS and Computer art center in partnership with many prestigious institutions and organizations, such as the Ministry of education, youth and science, Municipality programme "Culture", British council – Bulgaria, Microsoft-Bulgaria, BBS-Apple VAD for Bulgaria and other organizations.


The awarding ceremony was held in the National gallery for foreign art, and was honored by the presence of members of the government, greetings were sent by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria. The festival part took place in the Czech Centre and the Hungarian Cultural Institute and comprised a lot of interesting events: robotics workshops, interactive installations and presentation of projects, specialized lectures on topics such as computer art, social networks and e-portfolio (


The winners in this year’s edition in the 9 categories are:


Andre Kroenert who won the statuette in the category “Computer and electronic music” for his song Windowwalker (〈=en). The statuette was bestowed to him by Ildko Moger, director of the Hungarian Cultural Institute.


Gerassim Vitiakov (〈=en) is the winner of first prize in the category Computer graphics. The young designer faced strong competition in the face of Ivo Slavov (〈=en) and Thorsten Kuske from Germany (〈=en), who took the second and the third place respectively.


This year’s winner of first prize in the most attractive category – „Computer animationis Simeon Sokerov (〈=en). The statuette in this category was bestowed by Alena Ungrova, director of the Czech Centre. Simeon Sokerov left behind his back very good foreign projects such “Anima” (〈=en) andLa Main des Maitres (


I-creative studio with their project - „Chipolino” ( took the first place in the category “web design:technology and market”. In this category there are two projects taking the second place because the jury couldn’t decide who was the better one – Ediso ( or Redutta Solutions (


In the categoryweb design:society and institutions”, the jury didnt award first place, and the second and the third places went to CALIPERS ( and Ediso (;


Yohannes Artinian ( got his statuette from Galina Bezhanska, director of direction “Culture” of the Sofia Municipality and the second and the third place went to RIZN, forLime Production ( and Lux Pac (;


Economedia won the first and second places for their projects “Index Imoti” ( and “Sofia Echo” (, in the categoryweb design:information and media. The third prize was left for Kavoon and their website of the Ukrainian MTV (


The website of UPsurt ( and his creators from Edesign won the first place in the category “web design: entertainment and hobby”, and the second and third places went to Amicafrom Bulgaria ( and “Glogstermade by “Web Design Factory” from the Czech republic (


In the frame of the Awarding ceremony, a few special awards were given by Microsoft-Bulgaria and BBS – Apple VAD for Bulgaria, for projects, created with their products. Another special prize was for the Best debut. It was taken by the young programmers Bozhidar Dimitrov and Lubomir Tsvetkov, who have developed a 3D game ( The last special prize went to Borislav Slavov for his contribution to the development of the Bulgarian online music society.


Computer Space 2009 Awarded Projects

Computer Graphics:
1. Gerasim Vitiakov, “Rebird”
2. Ivo Slavov, “The Hand of Evil”
3. Thorsten Kuske, “Echoes of perception”

Computer Animation:
1. Simeon Sokerov, “5 times”
2. Julien Lasbleiz, “Anima”
3. Adrien TOUPET, “La Main des Maîtres”

Offline multimedia:
3. Bozhidar Dimitrov and Lyubomir Tzvetkov – “Land Of Lost Memories"

Computer and electronic music:
1. Andre Kroenert, “Windowwalkers - Aufschwung”
2. tsung-jen Hsieh – “Gang--for Viola and Electronic music”
3. Deyan – “Fear”

Web design: art & culture:
1. Yohannes Artinian, “Hugo Voeten Art Centre”
2. Rizn Ltd., “Lime Production”
3. Rizn Ltd., “Lux Pac”

Web design: society & institutions:
2. CALIPERS – “Angels Club of BBAN”
3. Ediso Mehana kolelata

Web design: entertainment & hobby:
1. Edesign Ltd. - UPsurd
2. RIZN Ltd. – Amica
3. Web Design Factory –

Web design: technology & market:
1. I-creativ studio - Chipolino
2. Ediso – OIKOS
2. Redutta Solutions - Intradings Business Center

Web design: information & media:
1. Economedia – “Index Imoti”
2. Economedia – “Sofia Echo”

3. Kavoon – MTV Ukraine

Special Awards:

  • Borislav Slavov was awarded for his contribution to the development of the Bulgarian online music society.
  • Microsoft Bulgaria award – Land of lost memories
  • Bozhidar Dimitrov and Lyubomir Tzvetkov received the Debut project award
  • iPod speical awards from BBS – Apple VAD



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